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'Wash Your Hands' viral video!

Although washing your hands is not a new habit, this challenging time during the pandemic has pushed everyone to wash our hands more than ever. In efforts to help reinforce the importance of this message, Disher Sound had the opportunity to work with Soular Animations’ who’s upcoming feature film “Hudun” stars young Tyger, who has a special message for the 5 year-old in all of us. Since the need to ‘Wash Your Hands’ is permanently part of all of our lives, why not make the habit a fun one?

Disher Sound wrote and performed the music, sung by our very own Matt Strasser! Tom Disher wrote the lyrics and melody to appeal to young children saying, "It had to be silly, fun and easy!" The video was initially created for TikTok and as it turns out, the app’s time limit is just long enough for a scientifically effective hand wash that’s short and sweet. The Soular Animations video has already been seen by more than 50 million viewers in multiple languages worldwide. Tyger hopes his little song helps to remind everyone (of all ages!) to maintain a lifelong habit of frequent cleansing. Keep an eye out for his animated feature movie “Hudun” in 2022!

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- The Disher Sound Team

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