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Live Rooms

Live Rooms

   Built by Dennis Stearns, our live rooms are designed for the ultimate in acoustic flexibility. In our 500 sq ft main room, “Gobos”- (tall baffles on wheels) fit perfectly under hinging acoustic panelling that drop down to create a dry but non-resonant acoustic space for VO/ADR. This space can be opened up to any degree as needed to accommodate loop groups and music ensembles. There is a 7’6” Yamaha Grand, and a large collection of instruments to choose from. The walls adjust from dry to reverberant and the non-parallel construction creates a beautiful warm tone. The 150 sq ft Iso booth sounds great for drums, vocalists, and soloists. Studio D can also be enlisted as a third space for additional iso as needed.

  • 500 sq. ft. live room with adjustable acoustics

  • 60" mobile video monitor

  • VO/ADR/Loop groups/music tracking

  • 150 sq ft iso booth

  • Voice, drums, soloists

  • 100 sq ft VO Booth

  • Remote VO, ADR

  • Audio/video/SMPTE/MIDI tie lines

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