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Music & Composition

The perfect music for your soundtrack.

Professional Composition  |  Fully Engineered and Mixed Projects  |  Hands-On and Client Focused Works

Project: The Great 14th

Project: Minimalist Documentary

Project: Tofu The Movie

Genre: Hard Edge Scores

Project: Green FIre: Aldo Leopold

Genre: Ambient Tracks

Project: The Cherokee Word for Water Filmscore

Genre: Beauty, Grandeur & Introspection

Genre: Hard Edge Scores

Genre: Ambient Tracks

Genre: Action, Fantasy and Suspense

Meet Tom Disher.

Tom is passionate about bringing your story to life through music and sound. Whether it’s intense and powerful, simple and heartfelt, or quirky and unexpected, Tom knows how to elicit the perfect sound- both hands-on, and conducting an ever widening stable of world class musicians and sound designers.


Decades of experience mixing and editing means you get a nuanced soundtrack that delivers your story with style. Son of an aero-space engineer, technical details have an organic fluency that translate into artistic excellence.


An Emmy (John Wooden: Victory, Values and Peace of Mind, 2001) 5 Addies, a degree in piano performance and 4 years of post grad composition, orchestration and electronic music studies are balanced with 5 long years in the  “school of hard knocks” on the road with a variety of performers.  Tom and his team bring a relaxed and energetic joie d’vivre to the creation of your soundtrack- the other 50% of your film.

About the Composer

About the Composer
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