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‘The Great 14th’ – Wins Again!

A short time ago we had the pleasure of working on an incredible documentary,

Directed, written and produced by Rosemary Rawcliffe, the film follows the Dalai Lama’s story as he has lived it. From his personal, political, spiritual and historical experiences, the story shares his insight into humanity.

Congratulations to the Frame of Mind Films team on winning their 3rd award for the film!

‘2019 Audience Favorite’ - Mill Valley Film Festival

‘Best Humanitarian Documentary Award’ - Sedona International Film Festival

‘2020 Gold Winner’ - Telly Awards

Disher Sound provided the complete package on this incredible film. From Music Composition (Tom Disher), Sound Design (Matt Strasser) to Mixing (Andrew Vernon), we were truly honoured to have participated in the project. The music aspect in particular was a fun and intricate process. Director, Rosemary Rawcliffe wanted a score that would reveal The Dalai Lama’s inner character as a real person, not just a legendary icon. Our goal was to create a score that has a more universal and emotional impact on the audience. During the process we had to be cautious not to misuse the Tibetan instruments in a way that would infer a different meaning to Tibetans, but we wanted to include the sounds within a hybrid setting that would inspire a deeper nonverbal understanding of this amazing person.

It is always a joy to see projects we’ve worked on connect with viewers and succeed in festivals. The hardworking team at Frame of Mind Films has been a delight to work with and we wish them continued success.

- The Disher Sound Team

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