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‘Lunch Lady’ – Short film out now!

We are thrilled to share that Director, Matthew Riutta’s heartwarming short film, ‘Lunch Lady’ is out now! Inspired by his mother who worked as a lunch lady in his Indiana hometown, this film has been a launching pad for Matthew’s series of short films that is cementing his place as a formidable Bay Area director.

The Disher Sound team was delighted to provide audio post-production for the project, immersing the audience in a school cafeteria room, and all the layered sounds in the environment. Amongst those sound effects were a solitary paper airplane that cuts through the room amidst the chatter of students and banging meal trays. Throughout the process, Matthew worked very closely with the team, ensuring that audio components brought the school atmosphere to life.

Matthew Riutta has an impressive list of work as a Location Manager on many Hollywood films (Moneyball, Godzilla, Zodiac, just to name a few), and has a handful of film festival awards and nominations. It’s no surprise that his talent extends as a Director and Writer, showcasing his creative strengths in storytelling. Matthew has been such a joy to work with and we look forward to sharing more of his short films in the near future.

Watch the film now!

- The Disher Sound Team

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