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Q Ball At The SFFILM Festival

Not too long ago we had the opportunity to work with producer Rebekah Fergusson and director Michael Tolajian on Q Ball, a documentary about the San Quentin State Prison basketball team (executively produced by Kevin Durant, Rich Kleiman, Jamie Patricof, and Katie McNeill). This was such an amazing project to work on in so many ways, but seeing it premiere last night at the SFFILM International Film Festival gave us immense joy and pride.

It was a team effort. Our SFX Editor Matt Strasser handled the ambiences, sound effects, and music edits while our Foley editor Ben Hicks added in all of our recorded basketball sounds. These were sounds that we recorded out in El Cerrito on an outdoor basketball court (we wanted the surface types and natural reverbs to match exactly what we saw on screen!).

Our Re-Recording mixer Paul Zahnley mixed all of these elements together to create something truly immersive, enriching the feeling and emotion that was portrayed on screen.

In the mixing room

Congrats to everyone who worked on this film for a successful premiere! We can't wait for the festival circuit.

Look for Q-Ball on Fox Sports in the near future!


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