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Bulge Bracket - Wrapped!

We had the absolute pleasure of working with Director Chris Au to bring his series, Bulge Bracket, to life with sound design and a full immersive surround mix.

A story about the inner workings of a Bulge Bracket bank on Wall Street, Bulge Bracket brings together a mix of humor and dark tones as it reveals the inside perspective of women in the Wall Street workplace.

Our sound design had to reflect this as well as the sharp sitcom-esque humor. With the use of Foley we were able to enhance and fill already hilarious moments with an extra layer of hilarity and space. Since the show takes place in an office, small details were extremely important. Everything from footsteps to peeing-in-urinal sounds helped to create memorable moments that added to the vibe of the show.

You can look for Bulge Bracket online in the near future.


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