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Trouble in Paradise – Berlin, wins at the 7th Annual Flamingo Film Festival!

Updated: May 13, 2020

On the lighter side of these serious times, creators Jack Fanburg and Jan Boynton continue to pump out episodes of their hilarious Trouble in Paradise, taking an absurdist stab at scary realities through hyperbole in their most colourful and entertaining animation series.

The series has been particularly fun for the Disher Sound team, working on music composition, VO recording and sound design and mixing. Animations are especially unique as we are able to create the entire sound world from scratch.

Specifically, the story of episode 2 – Berlin is very dynamic with unique creatures and concepts. This allowed us to assist in the creative storytelling from a sound perspective. Sound Designer, Matt Strasser worked hard on the details, pushing the creative boundaries of what a giant worm creature emerging from sand would sound like. (Not a sound you’d think about until you see it!) These elements really enhance the visual story and bring the whole atmosphere to life.

Additionally, there was an added component to include more voices and foley, giving a layered depth to the dialogue and sound. Matt got his hands dirty, or more accurately, his head, by dunking it in a container of water while yelling to create the sound of main character, Mike Peacockski drowning in a river. Producer and Voice Actor, Yumi Chu also assisted on some of these eccentric background voices and foley.

Also notable in the episode was the music composition of our talented team, Tom Disher and Ben Hicks (on guitar). Tom’s score gets hammered into some unusual shapes for this episode. From a full out Klezmer clarinet theme, a Wagnerian style orchestra, a Hawaiian Redbird party anthem, a jazzy Spy cue, to the didgeridoo driven “Revenge of the Worms”, the music underlines the story’s hyperbolic twists and turns.

Most recently, Trouble in Paradise – Berlin was awarded “Best Overall” and “Best Animation” at the 7th Annual Flamingo Film Festival! With over 300 submissions and only 40 selected to be screened, this is an exciting milestone for the team. Established in 2012, the Flamingo Film Festival is dedicated to exhibiting the international short films and videos produced by student filmmakers. Typically, the festival takes place in South Florida, however due to COVID-19, this year it was shifted to a live-stream on Twitch on April 25, 2020, garnering over 1,000 live views. A big congratulation to all that were involved on this project!

We look forward to continuing working with Jack, Jan and their talented team of animators and actors on this entertaining series!

- The Disher Sound Team

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