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The Debater - Documentary out now!

Updated: May 13, 2020

We are excited to announce that Epic Digital’s ‘The Debater’ film has been released! This fascinating, short documentary explores the question more of us are starting to wonder…“can a machine be made to think like a person?”.

Intruiged? Watch the trailer here, or better yet, go straight into the full film below.

The Disher Sound team was honoured to provide sound editorial, sound design and mixing for this project. We started pre-production in December 2019 with a spotting session with Frank Slodysko from Epic Digital. The cut of the film then evolved over the next two months, with the final cut arriving in February. This film had a great blend of live shots and animation that was used to explain key processes. Our staff Sound Editor & Designer Matt Strasser, did what he does best, dove straight into sound design. Paul Zahnley commenced editing dialogue and pre-mixing. Paul had a ton of fun with the FX provided by Matt, in addition to massaging the voice of the AI debater (not something you do everyday!). The team welcomed a large crew into our Studio D where Paul completed the 5.1 surround theatrical mix and stereo web version.

We had a great experience on this film and look forward to working with the team at Epic Digital again in the near future.

- The Disher Sound Team

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