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Disher Sound

Sound Creative

  Sound Design | Composition


ADR | Recording

Editing | Mixing

Film | TV

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Why Disher

Creativity and technical excellence go hand in hand. We’ve mixed more than 200 films, countless hours of TV, and thousands of commercials since 1993. Our award winning staff utilizes our state-of-the-art tools in acoustically pristine environments to deliver world class sound in a highly collaborative process. We enhance your vision, sculpting your soundtrack to empower your story in your own unique style.


 Voice Over & ADR
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  • Three Ultra Low Noise Booths 

  • Over 50 Microphones 

  • ADR locally or remote sync   

  • ISDN, Source Connect, Skype

  • Control room comfortably seats 11 + 2 engineers

  • Podcast roundtable - with up to 12 in booth plus remote

Sound Design
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  • Customized soundscapes tailored to your vision

  • Project genres include: horror, drama, comedy,  animation, industry, tech, nature/science, medical/MOA, etc.

  • Terabytes of sound effects in our library

  • Foley and live recorded effects

  • Vast array of virtual sound creation and  manipulation  tools

  • Industrial sound design for high-tech equipment/machinery

  • Soundmarks for branding

  • Ambisonic recording and binaural HRTF output

Mix & Editorial
  • Dolby 7.1.4 Atmos & DTS-X compliant mixing stage 24 x18 ft. with 12 ft. screen

  • JBL state-of-the-art monitor system

  • Over 200 films mixed

  • Thousands of commercials -TV & radio

  • Hundreds of VR/ interactive/game/animation 

  • Extremely quiet and acoustically pristine rooms

  • State-of-the-art tools for every task

Tom's Room_Comp.png
  • Over 30 films scored

  • Hundreds of commercials and marketing pieces custom composed

  • Huge collection of musical instruments

  • Highly experienced arranger for all styles

  • Stable of world class musicians for all styles

  • Music editorial and augmentation

  • Music recording and mixing

  • 500 Sq ft main room + drum booth and large iso room.


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Tel: (415) 537-0715

644 Broadway #301,

San Francisco, CA 94133

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